That intoxicating, yet elusive feeling we experience when we achieve our desired goal, task or dream. Each day we're faced with many choices. Some are big, and some are small but remember – and this is key – every one of these choices is important. You can teach yourself to make good choices. Below are eight choices you can train yourself to make, day by day, to succeed.

These aren't a magic list that I have pulled out of thin air but choices that SUCCESSFUL people make every day… Olympic Athletes, CEO's, Pastors, Generals and World Leaders.
1 Get up early.
Most "noise" starts after 9 am so by getting up early you can get the average person's day done before they even arrive at work. 
2 Eat Healthily.
Find out what works for you and stick to it. Think of food as FUEL, and fill your body with it. Eliminate everything that doesn't make you run smoother. Try lean meats, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and a little fruit. 
3 Risk.
When you choose to take a risk, you also accept the chance to fail. In making this choice, you learn. If you aren't choosing to take a risk once in a while, you simply aren't learning. 
4 No Excuses – Ever.
"He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else" – Benjamin Franklin. 
5 Tenacity.
It's not easy to keep going when everyone and everything seems to be against you. Your persistent determination is what sets you apart from those who only wish. Choose to keep going when others quit. 
6 Purpose.
This is what drives you. It fuels your decisions and satisfies your passion. If for some reason you are finding yourself making choices that are leading you away from your purpose STOP IMMEDIATELY and get yourself back in alignment. Every choice you make must be aligned with your purpose on this earth. 
7 Accept you.
There is no use hoping you're going to be someone else. Face yourself. This is YOU. Once you choose to accept this undeniable fact then and only then can you work on being the best YOU that you can be. 
8 Self-Discipline. Just do it.
The slogan has certainly been well used and for a good reason…IT WORKS. If you want to do something make a choice and do it. 
Discipline yourself – start small and learn how to do it for you.