What do you can for a perfect morning wake-up ritual?

  1. Walking

It's undoubtedly the most accessible form of exercise because we can do it anywhere, anytime. That is given that combination of a slow awakening, with a type of reflection about the day ahead. 
Exercising in the morning can reduce food cravings during the day, and boost your metabolism.

       2. Lemon juice in hot water

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       3. Water
The main reason for this is that we lose water overnight through sweating and breathing. It can be up to around half a kilo, or two pounds in weight, which equates to about half a liter or two pints of water. 
So it makes sense that you should replenish it as soon as you wake up. 
     4. A warm shower
A warm shower can soothe any night-time stiffness, and apparently, releases oxytocin which is a stress reliever — preparing us for a calm entry to the day. 
    5. Ginger tea
Just take a couple of slices of fresh ginger root and add hot water in a mug. The benefits of ginger are myriad but the key one for a morning wake-up is that it seems to get the circulation flowing. With that and its alleged anti-inflammation properties, this one is a no-brainer.