Are you looking to find a journal that best fits your planning and recording needs?

If you are, then you came to the right place. In this post, some of the most critical factors to look for in a good planner are outlined for your reference:

One: It is of the Right Size 

Would you believe that the size of the planner that fits you depends on your personality and the lifestyle that you engage with?  

Accordingly, a person who thinks more and tends to accomplish more within a particular time span would need to have a larger-sized planner. However, this theory will only work for those who have the time to write down everything and also care to sit down and focus on what he is expected to achieve within a targeted period.

Make a Good Planner
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On the other hand, a person who does have so much to balance in mind would care to have a planner of just the average size to write down his concerns fast, easy and efficiently. Although he may not have the time to write, he may still want to keep everything on record for reference.

The size of the planner that fits a person also depends on whether he intends to carry the planner from one place to another or if he wants it accomplished and kept only at home. In this case, he would not mind having a larger planner where he can be as creative as possible, inputting everything into writing.

Whether you want to use a dated planner or an undated one, it is best to pick the one that has the right size depending on your personal preference.

Two: It has the Right Features 

The features of a planner are designed to cater to the specific expectations of the intended user.

This is why there are planners explicitly made for students, others for teachers, others for business owners, and so forth. And then there are planners created for everyone else to enjoy. Often these planners have the basics while also offering bits and pieces of unique features that will appeal to individuals depending on their lifestyle and personality and how they want to use the planner to manage their life goals and situations.

Some features include boxed calendars apart from the divided numbered daily planning boxes. This makes it easier to track your daily activities alongside your monthly dedications and set engagements.

Other planners also feature pre-defined sections that you can use to categorize your daily activities. This could include daily, weekly and monthly goals. For this reason, it is best to look into what features a planner has before you decide to buy it. Check to see if the planner fits your expectations and if they are designed to fit your lifestyle, and all the plans you want to put into writing.

Whether you pick an undated planner, what is most important is that you pick the one that has the right tools to give you that freedom to layout your plans and your journal details accordingly. 

Three: It has the Right Additional Tools 

Besides the planner itself, it is best to pick one with the right tools, such as a carry-on ruler, planning stickers, and other labels that will make it easier to determine the category of activities you put down in writing.

Accordingly, suitable stickers and proper labels will help you see immediately what you are supposed to do during a specific target date. Definitively, the construction of a good plan enhanced with tools such as stickers and labels will help you organize your thoughts and enjoy the whole process of journaling or planning.

Four: It has the right feel 

There is a connection between mind and touch, and the right feel of your planner will certainly help you identify well with it, allowing you to become more engaged in writing everything down as you try to track your activities each day.

Determining the right planner’s feel and texture will help you connect with this planning tool and allow you to focus on achieving your goals more satisfyingly. This will give you a better chance at life that is not only satisfying but is considered a source of inspiration for moving forward amidst all possible problems that may occur in your life now and again.

Littlemore Inc. takes pride in how planners are suited for the lifestyle and personality of every user-catered to make everyone’s planning and journaling journey more satisfying. 

Always Remember These 

When you start a goal by writing down your plans in a journal or a planner, you should give yourself some space to adjust, especially if this is your first time. Know that there will be days when you might not be able to put down everything in detail, and that is alright.

Nothing is perfect, and nothing needs to be perfect. The best deal about writing down your tasks and plans is the mere satisfaction that you can draw your direction and keep track of you what you have in your mind in the first place.

In paying attention to your planner or journal, you ought to find a way to make your needs meet. This includes being able to write down your plans and giving yourself some space when writing down seems to be just impossible to do so, especially when you are dealing with not-so-good a day.