The year 2020 came with unexpected events that have created a looming cloud among all of us. Like others, you may also be among those who find it hard to move forward from year 2020. But, there are three reasons why you should get a jump-start on planning for 2021 and definitely make it one of your New Year's resolutions:

One: You are Worth the Effort

With many different things happening around us, it is easy for us to lose sight of the good things. If you have been through so much in 2020, you might have also felt it necessary to give up on things that you have planned on before.

IF you also held back so much in 2020 because there were so many uncertainties, then it might be hard to start over. Then again, always remember that You are Worth the Effort. Your dreams and your plans are important and giving yourself a chance to reach them again in 2021 is as worthy as giving yourself another breathe of life.

Sure, there will still be some uncertainties along the way. But when you have a goal to move forward for, it is easier to embrace situations more positively because you know you are moving forward to somewhere. This time, to avoid frustrations, it is best to keep your plans flexible.

Two: Look Forward to the Better Things in Life & Positive Changes

Well, given the many problems that passed in 2020, it may not be easy to believe that there is something better to look forward to.

Come to think of it, COVID-19 may have placed a halt on a lot of plans. But it also created doors to new goals and new possibilities.

Life happens and the best way to face it is to adapt.

Even when facing adversities, planning for alternatives in looking at life better takes a much more positive approach that creates resilience.

Sure, not everything goes your way. But even if they do not, your plans and the way you balance out between the negative things with positive goals will help you to look at the brighter side of things.

Three: Planning is Sensible Even When Things are Uncertain

Planning does not mean being in complete control of your life.

It basically means you are putting foundations that cannot be shaken even when issues arise in life.

Alongside the desire to live a better and more stable life is the realization that life often turn out surprisingly different from what it is expected to be.

Nevertheless, if you have plans in place, being swayed by time need not be an issue to completely set you off the right track.

So how do you plan flexibly?

Most plans that turn out to be frustrating create a definite impact on the way we move forward from one point of our lives to another. Often times, it is through taking better ways on considering the real value of planning that creates a much less frustrating path towards panning for the future.

Planning flexibly often makes things easier to handle. Here are some tips you can consider in taking your planning process to a better level of flexibility:

One: Look Forward with a Smile

If there is anything quite peculiar but useful that Covid19 pandemic taught us is that life may turn sour anytime of the year and that when it happens, we simply do not know when it will end. Being sour with the situation does not get us anywhere, so it is always better to smile.

Your plans for 2021 could better be a source of smile if they are based on unexpected expectations.

It is best to note in your planner some positive thoughts. Find a reason to be thankful for each day. A good planner that inspires you to write down the good things, no matter how seemingly small they are, could be a good reminder for you to simply smile through life. Good or not, every life experience is worth going through- and planning with a smile helps you cope through the difficult times effectively.

Two: Take Life One Step at a Time

While there are both long-term and short-term plans, it is always best to take life one-step-at-a-time.

Doing so will make it easier for you to become more balanced in the manner you look forward to the next day. Writing down daily achievements certainly brings a light thought that eases out frustrations.

On the other hand, writing down what goals you have for the next day makes it easier you to anticipate the positive possibilities that you can achieve.

Three: Set Your Expectations Straight and Be Open to Alternatives

When planning, make sure to consider alternatives.

Whether or not there is a pandemic, life is consistently filled with a lot of “ifs”. So, to avoid having to deal with frustrations, it is best to pick alternatives that will respond to the ifs of the life that you live.

If something you have planned is not doable anymore, what alternative might you want to take?

Key Takeaway

Keeping these considerations in mind when making your plans towards a better 2021 may help you avoid unnecessary frustrations. In all these, it is important to remember that every day is a gift to appreciate. Taking note of the good things that happen each day is a great reminder that can motivate you to look towards the next day with a smile.