As the New Year comes into the picture, you indeed have so many things in your head you want to accomplish. But, if you are like anybody else, you might also feel a bit overwhelmed over the idea that not all plans you have laid down to accomplish were achieved last year. You may even think that it is useless to create a plan today, especially if it will not be completed at any point.

Then again, here are five reasons we hope will motivate you to continue planning for your day ahead: 

Why you should plan your days ahead
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Planning helps You Oversee the Possible Outcomes 

When you put your thoughts in writing, it is easier for you to visualize what you want to happen from what in reality could happen. The good thing about planning is that you can always revise it when you feel that some things need to be adjusted. 

When you start planning your day and develop a more realistic understanding of your current circumstance, you will become more reasonable with the list of activities that you put into writing daily. Find a way to write everything in a very efficient daily planner with the right features to fit your character. 

Planning helps you Design Your Point A to Point B 

When you plan for each day, you can create a connection of activities that will help you accomplish something you designed to achieve the other day that may not have been completed. 

When planning, it is best to avoid being lax with yourself. But it is also important to remember to be kind to yourself. Know that there will be times that getting to point B may not be that easy. But the fact 

that you have made progress in starting your steps is a good chance that you will achieve the goal you have placed in front of you. 

Planning gives you a better Option of Daily Growth 

As you write down your planned activities and go about each one every day, you will surely see the benefits of planning in how you grow. The more you plan, the more you know yourself. This is a great way to discover your strengths and weaknesses and work around your desire to be more productive every day. Remember, the more you understand yourself and your capabilities, the more productive you will be. And the more you know yourself, the better you will grow. 

To ensure your growth, put everything in writing in a daily journal that will give you the freedom to write what you want and plan your strategies on an open layout. 

Planning helps you avoid Procrastination and Get things done 

When you have a plan, and you see it in writing, you will not stray away from it

When sudden appointments arise or unexpected invitations arrive, you can easily decide whether to push through or discard them as non-priority activities because you already have tasks in place. 

This is why in creating your daily plans, you need to put “breaks” to help you avoid exhaustion. Too much work without play or break will surely make your day too exhausted.

Planning gives you a reason to celebrate at the end of the day

Remember to celebrate even the most minor accomplishments. When you plan daily and carefully decide on what tasks to accomplish for that day, you will likely be able to achieve between 60% to 70% of what you have planned. This gives you a chance to celebrate with a good meal, a relaxing massage, or anything that will allow you to relax and pat yourself in the back. 

These small celebrations are great motivations that will help you start the next day with a positive outlook on things to come. 

What to Remember When Planning

One: Everybody makes mistakes  

It does not help to be too perfect in your expectations. 

Everybody makes mistakes, and you have the right to make one too. But, of course, you do not need to make mistakes on purpose. But accept the fact that there will be times when you will come short of your expectations. 

Instead of pushing yourself to the edge, learn to understand what went wrong. Perhaps you have over-expected yourself? Maybe you need to adjust some things in your plan to make it easier to achieve. 

Two: Every Failure is an Opportunity 

Many individuals do not plan because they are afraid of failing. However, failing is not that bad. 

The truth is, failure depends on your perception. Only you can say if you have failed or an opportunity just opened for you to take.

So, when you plan, make sure to take every failure as an opportunity to learn and grow and be better the next time around. 

Remember that positivity beats the smart one. Remain positive even amid the harshest situations you may face. You will be able to secure yourself and free yourself from the possibility of feeling the snares of frustration that can kill your dreams for the future.